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Virgin Media - Celebrating 10 years of Broadband website

Virgin Broadband online ad banner storyboard

Virgin Mobile Qatar website - Homepage

Screens from the kiosk attractor loop created for the Virgin Mobile Qatar launch

In-store kiosk - Bundle menu and drag-and-drop TV package selector

In-store Surface table with ability to choose, customise and order a phone from the Virgin Media range

In-store phone wall screen

Agency: StartJG

Project overview:

As part of StartJG I was involved in the creation of the Virgin Media brand and all it’s digital interpretations. From 2007 until my departure from Start in 2011, I was responsible for the design and delivery of projects ranging from in-store kiosks, web banners, websites and emails.

A selection of visuals from these projects can be seen here.

Project responsibilities:

  • Animation
  • Concept
  • Design
  • Design detailing
  • Design direction
  • Storyboarding