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David Beckham takes the reflex test

The first miCoach Core Skills experience was launched in adidas' Beijing store


Your skills report can be accessed online along with guides and recommendations to help you improve your scores

Agency: StartJG

Project overview:

D&AD Awards: In Book
BIMA Awards: Shortlisted

“The concept grounds adidas in sport and sporting ability, both in and out of the stores.”
— Chris Aubrey
— Head of Global Retail Marketing, adidas

“A fantastic in-store experience that demonstrates our commitment to sports performance.”
— Ted Mager
— Head of Global Retail Development, adidas

miCoach Core Skills was a retail first. A multi-channel training device, it lets customers test their fitness in-store in areas including reflex, balance, running, and vertical jump.

Results appear on screen in the format of high score tables, allowing you to compare your efforts against friends and sports professionals. Scores can also be accessed online along with a personal training programme at the Core Skills website. This programme aims to help you improve your fitness and challenges you to return to the miCoach Core Skills training device to chart your improvement.

The team worked closely with scientists at Freiberg University to develop the content, wrote the code and designed the interface. Within a year of launch it had 19,000 users, with 80% activating an online account.

Project responsibilities:

  • Design
  • Design detailing
  • UX