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Purgatory's Child (Pencil on paper, 2012) (Shortlisted for exhibition by the Royal Academy of Arts)

Thea (Pencil on paper, 2015)

Sandy (Pencil on paper, 2015)

Britt (Pencil on paper, 2015)

Self portrait (Pencil on paper, 2015)

Tempter (Pencil on paper, 2011)

The Head of St. John (Oil on canvas, 2007)

Project overview:

Since before my school years I’ve been fascinated by pictures and spent much of my life making them. Using traditional mediums like pencil and oil paint I continue to improve my technique and expand my portfolio, from which the examples here are taken.

I started to selectively exhibit from 2010 and in 2012 had the honour of having work shortlisted for exhibition by the Royal Academy of Arts.

Project responsibilities:

  • Picture making