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Homepage lead item and Mobile 'Texts + Inquiries' displays

User journey storyboard completed in early stages of project

Original concept styling explored creating a 3D space with overlapping content

Homepage presents the user with a variety of visual culture related content

'Text + Inquiries' page displays all articles in each issue

Longform content page

A variety of content displays were required for the 'Objects + Stories' (Exhibitions) section

Agency: Precedent

Project overview:

As a new presence in the global art museum scene but without a physical space until the end of the decade, M+ Digital needed to be a website where the diverse thoughts and opinion on 20th and 21st Century art, design, architecture and moving image could come together.

We initially proposed creating an immersive pseudo-3D website experience that explores the idea of parallel space through multi-layering content and movement. The user would be able to move across the homepage in all directions, exploring and engaging with content from all categories. We stripped this back in the final visuals to a tile-based approach to allow for better signposting into each section but still retaining the intrigue and curiosity our initial thoughts inspired.

The idea of a provoking parallel space was retained in other sections. Layering, motion and transitions are used throughout to create a sense of depth. Regimented layouts are minimised in favour of design that is visually representative of the type of content displayed in each section. For example, the Texts + Inquiries section is approached from a purely typographic perspective to push the serious intent of the content within it. The Objects + Stories section in contrast uses full HD imagery that pulls the user into the worlds created by some of the finest artists and creatives in the world.

The longterm aim is to build the visual styling of the M+ Digital space through additional colour, typographic styles and photography to create a unique and ever-changing experience for all types of visual culture enthusiasts.

Project responsibilities:

  • Concept
  • Creative direction
  • Design
  • Design detailing
  • Design direction
  • Storyboarding
  • Template sketching
  • UX