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Working closely with the Spixii team, I sketched a user journey the key user journey required for the demo day presentation.

Project overview:

SPIXII are a Fintech startup with a proposition that’s turning heads and a mission to change the way millennials think about buying insurance.

The team came to us with a name, a game-changing product and infectious enthusiasm and asked us to create a brand and demo app to help them get much needed funding at their demo-day. SPIXII is an insurance app which uses chat bot technology to guide users through the selecting and buying experience, all through a whatsapp style conversation.

My contribution to this exciting project was to create a storyboard that would detail the user journey the SPIXII team wanted to talk through as part of their presentation to potential investors. Having created the journey the next task was create a design for the UI before bringing the two together to create an animated walkthrough.


Project responsibilities:

  • Animation
  • Concept
  • Design
  • Design direction
  • Storyboarding
  • Template sketching
  • UX