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Initial moodboard exploration around digital marks and promotional material was conducted to provide us with an understanding of the possibilities and limitations of digital art

Sketch to explore potential movement of mark

The LCoM software created by renowned digital artist, Karsten Schmidt

Final brand mark

Animated logo to be used across digital applications

Three logo marks produced with three pieces of music

The logo mark is used to enhance photography, wrapping around musicians and their instruments


Agency: Precedent

Project overview:

“It’s sophisticated, it’s progressive, it’s slick, it’s individual. It matches our vision for the future.”
— Randall Whittaker
— Director of Curriculum and Research, Leeds College of Music

Leeds College of Music (LCoM) is the largest music school in the UK and one of the most innovative. However, their visual identity, specifically their website, did not reflect this. We were commissioned to create a new visual design, that put music back at the heart of the college and that would support their push for attracting more international students,

We wanted to give LCoM an identity that was at the forefront of innovation, that put the music created there at the heart and soul of their existence. This was about thinking outside the box. They needed to stand out. Research was needed. What was at the cutting edge of music, and once found, how could we make it into an identity they could own and that would inspire both them and their students.

Collaborating with award-winning computational designer Karsten Schmidt we embarked on something that not only delivered on brief, but helped LCoM break the mould.

Every logo is a unique sound signature, created by playing an original musical composition through a piece of software. The visuals not only reflect the progressive direction at Leeds, that allows graduates to develop their own unique sound, but also provides a personal connection to the College’s identity for students and staff.

At the moment this software is hosted within the College to enable every student and member of staff to create their own sound signature, and is intended to be rolled out onto the website as part of a future undergraduate campaign.

Project responsibilities:

  • Concept detailing
  • Design
  • Design detailing