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In-store touchscreen wall


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Concept sketches and 3D renders showing adiVerse in-store

Supporting tablet devices containing a stripped back version of the main adiVerse software are used in smaller stores

The wall features three columns of shoes that can be easily scrolled through. To explore an item further the customer simply presses and is presented with a 3D render of the shoe along with it's description, styling options and supporting videos

All shoes are real-time 3D renders. Customers are able to rotate and scale each shoe and learn more about the product with the additional on-screen descriptions and stories

Products were supported with narratives that featured sporting figures, statistics, videos and social media posts

Agency: StartJG

Project overview:

BIMA Award – Retail 2011
Marketing Design Awards 2011
RedDot design awards 2012
DBA Effectiveness Category Winner 2013

With limited floor space, how do you show your full catalogue of products?

The adiVerse Virtual Footwear Wall is a revolutionary, multi-platform retail experience that connects physical experience with digital. It puts every product in one place, with thousands of super-detailed 3D HD shoes to browse and buy. With real-time features, including tweets, targeted-content and a variety of narratives to tie your sporting heroes to the product you’re viewing, the Virtual Footwear Wall offers an immersive experience in ways unique to the retail environment.

Having outperformed launch targets by over 300%, the Virtual Footweat Wall is rolling out globally in adidas stores.

Project responsibilities:

  • Design
  • Design detailing